Vision and Mission

For almost 50 years Global Milk has been working in the food field offering services of milk, cream and serum collection and transportation. Looking for a never-ending innovation, today we also offer the innovative service of washing and remediation of high-pressure tanks for all hauliers of food, chemical and oil liquids.
One of our specific characteristics is our outgoing desire for innovation, which is the search for new methods and services to meet the needs of our costumer and look after the single haulier.

Global Milk's mission is the preservation of its own leadership in the service of collection and transportation of milk and its products and the development of new services to become point of reference for all the road hauliers:

  • lorry wash;
  • remediation and sterilization of tanks for the transportation of food, chemical and oil liquids;
  • transport of live animals washing and sanitization.

This mission is pursued thanks to an ongoing passion and the search for quality, efficiency and speed mixed and matched by a staff of authorized personnel properly trained and responsible to the consumer. All hauliers services are provided 24 hours a day.

The environment

Environmental protection plays the main role in Global Milks' vision and it establishes the guidelines for our business development:

  • all transport for milk, cream and serum collection and transportation belong to E6 category;
  • the entire Anelli Tank Wash's plant has a system of purification and waste water discharges.

Anelli Tank Wash Company Policy Global Milk Company Policy

Our services

Milk collection and transportation

Collection and transportation of milk, cream and other food liquids.

Tank wash

Anelli Tank Wash is our high pressure washing system for any kind of tanker.

Service area for drivers

We realized a rest area for drivers relax and refreshment.