Tanks wash and drying

Wash and internal reclamation of tanks

Anelli Tank Wash is available to all hauliers: it is a high-pressure washing system for every type of tanks that has been created following the most strict environmental rules. It has 2 operating runways which are in our building:

  • one is dedicated to tanks transporting food products
  • one is dedicated to tanks transporting chemical and oil products

They both have five 36 liter of water per minute high-speed type balls and a 170 liter of water per minute head for Tank Containers, a steam plant for sterilizations and a drying plant.
A thorough reclamation of tanks for food, chemical and oil products transportation is possible thanks to the innovation of this system; using the same plant, we can also dry tanks.
Moreover there is also a specific runway for the sanitation of vehicles for live animals transport.

Wash and reclamation of tanks
tank external washing

Self service external washing for lorries

Global Milk provides two self service runways for the external washing of lorries that is opened 24 hours a day.

Whenever he wants the hauliers can reach these two runways and easily wash his lorry using some high-pressure spears.
Anyway Global Milk's staff is always there assisting you and suiting everyone needs.

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