Milk collection and transportation

How milk transportation is managed

The service of milk collection and transportation is composed by a number of phases extremely delicate and strictly checked where precision and hygiene are fundamental.
They are ensured by the technical instrumentation used, moreover Global Milk's long experience allows the realization of all the phases with total professionalism and speed.

The withdrawal of the milk from the barn refrigerator is done thanks to a pump that eliminates the air to create a 0.5 BAR depression in the tank.
The milk measuring is an extremely delicate aspect because values coming from this operation play a main role in the economical aspect of the service.
Thanks to proper meter tenders or special weighing machines placed under the barn refrigerator we can establish the quantity of collected milk with the highest precision.
After its collection and transportation, milk is unloaded in cheese diaries or other collection centers.

milk transportation tank

Quality check during milk collection

Our hauliers have to fill in a "report of first check of the product" (a visual, olfactory and thermal evaluation of the collected milk) while milk is loaded.
We also offer a milk sampling service for official analysis.The collection of the sample is made by our drivers who are strictly and professionally trained and have the license for milk payment according to the quality.

These milk samples are then given to Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell'Emilia Romagna based in Brescia.
Milk sampling is a way to identify its characteristics and quality in order to ensure a high quality level of the product; for this reason milk sampling is accurately made every time we collect milk in all the barns.