global milk historical photo

A story going on for over 50 years

For almost 50 years our Family has been working in the food field offering a number of services: we collect, transport and trade milk and its derived products.

  • 1969 our first lorries

    Helped by his three sons, in 1969 Mr Anelli Antonio bought his first tipper lorry to transport Minitank of 50L apiece, the so-called "churn". He had just started a partnership with one of the Italian dairies.

  • 1981 the introduction of tanks

    In 1981 they decided to abandon churns in order to join the new milk transport technique: the tank.

  • 2009 the third generation

    Since 2009 they have passed the torch to the third generation that decided to maintain all their heritage increasing their customers and, as consequence, their fleet thanks to some partnerships with some of the most important companies of the dairy sector.

  • 2017 Anelli Tank Wash's founding

    Today, Global Milk S.r.l. - Anelli Group works in all north Italy and is entitled and qualified for the international transport.
    One of our specific characteristics is our never-ending desire for innovation, which is the search for new methods and services to meet the needs of our costumer; with this aim Anelli Tank Wash was founded. Anelli Tank Wash is the certified washing for every kind of tank that meets the needs of our costumer as well as it looks after the single haulier.

  • 2021 PONCA.SER is born

    Started in January 2011, PONCA.SER deals with the concentration of whey and skimming of cream for a single customer/supplier.