Today our fleet for the collection and transportation of milk and dairy products is composed by 25 tanks of 20000LT to 34000LT divided into engines, trailers and semi-trailers, they are all thermally insulated and they have a depressant. Milk is aspirated with a pump getting the air out of the tank generating an up to 0.5BAR depression.

The policy of "the new"

From 2009 up till today Global Milk s.r.l - Anelli Group has implemented the policy of "the new", this is the reason why all our vehicles are sold, set up and replaced with brand-new lorries when they reach 450.000KM or their fifth-year.
Today our company boasts 100% of its fleet in E6 category earning in efficiency, punctuality and in a total respect of the environment.
All our lorries have:

  • thermometer and a PH-meter for the initial quality checks
  • refrigerators for the best preservation of the samples of milk and dairy products

Monday to Friday they are externally polished and on Saturday they are checked in our internal garage for procedures of normal maintenance.